Personnel administration center:

  The personnel administration center responsible for personnel selection, training, staff training and talent development personnel, salary, social insurance management work to “ the construction of high performance, high cohesion, high sense of happiness of learning, innovation, talent driven organization ” for the mission, the company is committed to the introduction and training of a to improve the sustainable ability to promote the development of enterprise and talent team.  

Sales center:

  Sales center is responsible for the company's general copier supplies, printer supplies, accessories, mold and other sales and the company's brand of The card, “ card; Xin good ” the management of the agency development and the national multiple sales offices under the jurisdiction of domestic sales, foreign trade sales; and three electricity supplier operation module. Integrated marketing strategy formulation, has planned to carry out market research, product planning, advertising, marketing, and other work. 

Technology research and development center:

  Equipment engineering department, mainly responsible for the company's product development, technical standards, technical training, equipment management, etc.. Department of the use of industrial engineering design concepts, in the planning and design of technological transformation, adhere to continuous improvement, leading the innovation and development of universal machine supplies technology. 

Object control center:

  All the material control and management control center is responsible for the company's production management and cost control responsibility, establish and perfect the material control system, based on “ reasonable plan, reasonable inventory ” the focus of work, the realization of “ fast, provincial, number one account management objectives. responsible for the arrangement and implementation of production planning, warehouse management, import of materials for material acceptance, sorting, storage, maintenance, payment and clearing inventory, keep accounts, cards,. 

Procurement center:

  Procurement center responsible for the preparation of materials procurement plan and organize the implementation of the timeliness of the supply of materials and the quality of the procurement of goods and materials. Be responsible for evaluating the quality, environment, price and service of the material suppliers (including the outsourcing), establish the complete qualified suppliers' archives, organize the supplier audit. Important materials in the scope of qualified suppliers to implement procurement. 

Department of copy machine:

  Responsible for the full range of drum components / powder drum, semi-finished product manufacturing. 

Printer division:

  Responsible for the printer cartridges and toner products patent own brand manufacturing. 

Injection molding division:

  In time to master the production of raw materials, materials, materials supply, according to the relevant provisions of the process and the quality and quantity of time to complete the production task. Responsible for the use and management of process equipment. Be responsible for maintenance and repair of production equipment. In accordance with the quality, environmental management system documents, the implementation of the production process control, to ensure the production site and warehouse site safety and environmental compliance with production requirements. 

Accessories business department:

  Responsible for the manufacture and assembly of the /OPC gear /MR jacket of the copying machine parts. 

Mold division:

  In charge of the group's internal copy machine / printer and precision gear / worm mold manufacturing. 

Quality center:

  The quality of the center responsible for the overall quality management and monitoring work; in the whole process of internal departments and branch offices before the implementation of road service road, the road supervision before ” the quality control concept, to achieve full layers of regulation, mutual supervision of the whole process of comprehensive quality management, to ensure product quality stability and unity. 

Financial center:

  In accordance with the relevant regulations of the state financial center is responsible for the sound financial accounting system for enterprise economic activities to provide timely basis; prepare annual financial budget plan and cost control plan, and do a good job of financial supervision and management work; do business accounting work in accordance with the financial regulations, promote and reduce the cost, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. 

Text control center:

  Responsible for the control of the system files, the implementation of the system and the daily maintenance, improvement work. 

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