Huijia technology with exquisite technology and advanced technology level has won many honors, Huijia technology is depending on the quality of life, from the user to the user. God is our everything. We will always follow the procedures for each charge, for each product, for every user is responsible for the quality policy. Dedication to customer service. Everything we do will be full for your sake. We believe that: a sincere dedication to your heart will be true also in return!
Red Star purpose
Huijia purpose 

The quality of honesty

Business creed
Business creed

Cast star brand to allow users to satisfy

Service tenet

Responsible for each process responsible for each product

Service spirit

一团火 孺子牛 心贴心

service idea 

The company has established a good service concept: the timely maintenance of user equipment is at fault; pre-sale offer project design, process design; the development of user equipment purchase plan; high-quality products; patience and thoughtful user training; timely and effective maintenance and user test solution difficulty processing.

service promise

pre-sale service
According to the customer's demand, we provide you with the project design, process design, to develop suitable for your machine equipment purchase plan.
Sale service
Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, to assist in the development of construction programs and detailed procedures.
after service
The company sent technicians to the scene to guide the equipment installation, commissioning and training of operators.

Service time is Monday to Saturday 8:30-17:30,


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